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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Bike Week Cometh

Well's almost here. The Eternally popular Bike Week.
During my 'day' job, I actually await this event with anticipation. You see, although I don't own a Harley..I am an avid biker. I work in the Enginneering dept. , which is nothing more than a glorified term for maintenance man. In that capacity, it befalls me to install the telephones and internet lines that vendors will use in our building, You see...this week, as we do every year..we host the annual Harley Davidson Motorcycle Show.This event acts as one of a great many hubs that bikers can enjoy.
What does this have to do with tooning??. Actually, quite alot. You see, there is this exclusively commissioned artist that shows up every year who does these awesome paintings. Not entirely sure of which media he uses...possibly oils, but the point is....his renderings are incredibly a point of doing the double-take .These things look just like photographs. The hoardes of people that crowd this guys booth are huge. The relation to tooning ? Most of us,if not all have learned that in order to create great toons, we must observe real-life in order to understand proportions , perspective and how to exaggerate our toons to make them funny and memorable. When I see this guys work, I find myself staring much like everyone else and in observing this most life-like of illustrations...I seem to pick up on ways of working certain elements into my toons, albeit with nowhere near the skill level this guy has.
However, these observances garner me a better understanding of elements in my toons I feel weak on and after taking mental notes on the little this and thats..I make improvements on my own work. It's certain this guy has no idea of the impact that his work has on people such as myself...but I do look forward to yet another year of ..." How is that done?" and " Can I do something like it?".
This long winded story leads me to beg the question :
Has there been an artist or artists whom, regardless of media...have done work that you not only admired, but just from a visual standpoint...learned something you could use in your work?
C'mon guys and gals..belly up and tell me your tale, because like it or not...none of us are so good that there isn't somebody better we've learned from.

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