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" Man !!!...that's the 5th friggin' pencil this week !!."

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Time for another

Hey all..Man !!..what a week. My day job has kept me so busy that up from down isn't even neglible anymore. however, I did manage to buckle down and crank out some artwork, which is pretty cool to say the least. Some fascinating things have been happening to a tooner friend of mine. Pastor Z, whose last name is not something I'll try and pronounce here..has this strip called 'Church Mice' and as of late...very rewarding things have come his way. This man deserves all that comes from his efforts and I , for one wish him all the best. I am very fond of his strip and the quality of work is awesome...some of the best out there. I'd like you all ( providing people actually read this blog ) to chime in here or over at Planet Cartoonist Message Board and wish this guy the best. He is accomplishing the things we all wish and want to. Best Wishes to you Pastor...we're all pulling for you


Pastor Z said...

As always, Tim, thank you for your kind words of support. Things continue to happen in the Church Mice world - I was interviewed today by the Wilmington (NC) Star-News which, to my understanding, will be a one page feature article on the Mice. It's wonderful to see this sort of stuff happening. One thing I haven't quite figured out though - with the telveision show airing this week I thought I might see a variance in my website visits, but my hits have really been about what they always are.

I wanted to comment on some of the vitriole on Planet Cartoonist... I had stopped posting there in the past when things reached what I thought was an unacceptable level of civilty, and some of the comments directed at the "God Boys" made me wonder if it was headed back that direction. No, actually, I have to say it made me scratch my head... at no time in my cartoons or my posts do I get preachy, or "holier than thou" and by no means do I ever attack anyone with my faith. Why then, when my faith is even expressed, is it viewed as an attack by those who choose not to believe the same things I believe? I have never told anyone they have to believe a certain way - each of us has our rights to choose. All I did was voice my faith - yet some are so quick to get defensive. In a way it's very sad.

Last summer, my father told me not to try to push my beliefs on him... that organized religion works for some people but it doesn't work for him... that he doens't know what happens when you die and that he's not sure anyone does. It really saddened me that my father doesn't believe in God, but he has a choice. As do all the people of the world.

Would I force my religion on anyone? No, because I remember how much of a turnoff it was when people forced it on me back in 1975. But, did I ATTACK them for believing and expressing their beliefs? No, because I believed (and still do today) in respecting other's opinions.

Nuff said. Thanks for giving me a forum.

Tim Winstead said...

Karl...hey, long time no hear. Hope all is well with you and yours.
If you could, drop me a line at and let me know how things have been going.
I've been a bit 'out of touch' lately and would love to hear about whats been happening in your world. Take care....Tim Winstead

twinstead said...

hey all...been outta the loop and definately out of practice with my toonz. hope all is well with all of you and hope to post new toonz soon...take care ...Tim

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