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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Major moves

Hey's been quite a bit since my last post. Due to some ill-fated financial decisions on my part, I've had the happy duty of moving once again and staring over once more. My website is blog is stagnant...and in just trying to regain order in my personal life, many things INCLUDING cartooning have taken a back seat to the priority of getting my ' balance' back.
Albeit one of my most favored forums for the discussion of tooning has given up the 'ghost'. I do try to at least stay in touch every so often. I can no longer post toons as my media for doing so has been suspended for what seems to be an indefinate time. However, if there are any my fellow tooners out there who'd like to talk toons, please write me at and I'll be only too happy to 'chew the fat".
Until then, I hope to hear from those of you who I have valued as friends.
Take care......................Tim ( Komik Strip Kartoonz)

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Tim said...

Hello all. After what seems like back to posting. Join me in the near future when I will attempt to posy something of merit. Latet

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