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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Not enough hours in a day

Hey's once again time for me to write about something slightly inane and quite possibly of little or no consequence to anyone.
However, after a brief period of thought...I may actually touch on a subject here that some of you can sink your teeth into. With respect to my fellow professional tooners out there..this isn't aimed at you..we all know you have NO time.
This 'rant' is aimed at my struggling fellow tooners who hold down day the 'domestic' thing at home..rear kids...fix things around the house, and hopefully find time at the end of the day to breathe.
The good thing about a dilema such as this is that there is no deadline to meet.
The downside is that there isn't any time to get better at you CAN be in a position to HAVE a deadline.
As with you guys..I love to draw and see what my warped mind can produce by way of my
even more warped imagination. What sucks is that, like most .....the other aspects in your life need to be balanced out and .......well, most often in my life......tooning just doesn't get done.
There just aren't ENOUGH hours in a day.
But...I do try to allot some time whenever possible to at least jot down some ideas...throw a quickie sketch or two together and somehow justify those tasks as part of the I can say I did something related to a toon.

If there is anyone out there who can elaborate on what it takes to squeeze about 30 hours out of a 24 hour day......please let me know.
Thanks all....til next time

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