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Friday, April 6, 2007

New perspectives are often the hardest ones to see.

Hey all and once again I feel a need to bring to the board another slant on a issue most of us deal with. Over the past month or so, I've dealt with what I thought was a lack of time to toon issue.

In recent days,I've come to realize that it was fear.Fear of the very rejection that all cartoonists dread and yet utilize to make them a better artist. Fear of a rejection from face-less people I most likely would never meet. A fear that I wouldn't have what it takes to make it ..and land flat on my face. Through the 'point-blank' honesty of a fellow tooner who offered a bent ear and painted a different picture of what I always believed to be a 'routine' occupation. I did manage to come to terms with it and stop tagging it as a ' no time ' thing.

Put the fear on the back burner and just do it. Right or wrong...good or bad...chance or not one in a million years..who knows?? I DO know this: I have this God-given talent and it would be a shame to waste it on doubt and fear. I am a cartoonist and a very good one at that. Trouble is...the world doesn't know it yet...that willl change.
Take care everyone and your take on this.Talking about it helps.......I know.

Thanks Mike

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